Johnny and Frankie

Song Description

what seems like a lonesome losers song becomes a love song

Song Length 3:50 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Falling in Love
Similar Artists Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers Language English


Johnny'd been everywhere and done everything from waiting table to fixing cars/ Now she's working nights downtown at Lucky's tending bar/ She dreads the time her shift is done after she's poured last call/ And she goes home and drifts off to sleep after staring at the wall.
Frankie knows what it's like to spend the whole night alone/ And he still has fantasies about making the open road his home/ His buddies say he's living in a world of total make-believe/ And at closing time Frankie's usually the last one to leave.
Johnny says she's working on getting along better with the boss/ Frankie says he's thinking maybe he'll cut down on the sauce/ Maybe good intentions will be enough to bring the two of them together/ And with their eyes closed it's hard to tell one dream from another.
It's an open secret down to Lucky's that life can be hard/ And nobody knows anybody whose heart's escaped getting scarred/ We all have to decide whether we're going to march or dance to time/ My steps surde are lighter since you said you'd be mine.

Lyrics Nicolas Ruf Music Nicolas Ruf
Performance Nicolas Ruf - Guitar and vocals; Louise MacLellan - guitar and harmony

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