Isn't There Something

Song Description

lost love but carrying torch

Song Length 2:20 Genre Pop - Standards, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Breaking Up
Similar Artists Lyle Lovett Language English


Don?t know when I?ve felt so blue
Can?t believe I?m losing you
Can?t believe these are tears in my eyes
Can?t stop no matter how I try

Isn?t there something I can do
To keep from losing you

Don?t know when it all went wrong
Just know that you?re gone
Don?t know if it?s you or me who?s to blame
Doesn?t matter it all comes out the same

Isn?t there something I can do
To keep from thinking about you

I can see now what I should have known
You?d leave me here all alone
Feeling so lonesome since we been apart
Needing something to fill my empty heart

Isn?t there something I can do
To help me get over you

Soon I?ll stop rubbing the wounds with salt
Convince myself it?s all your fault
Find a new love, forget all the pain
Go through the whole thing all over again

I knew there was something I could do
To show you I?m over you
You can tell I?m over you

Lyrics Nicolas Ruf Music Nicolas Ruf
Performance Nicolas Ruf - Guitar and vocals; Louise MacLellan -harmony
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