My Baby Finds Me

Song Length 2:53 Genre Jazz - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cool Subject General
Language English


My Baby Finds Me

Looking for my baby
Oh where can he be?
Looking at the ocean as blue as the sea.
Keep hoping my baby finds me.
My baby finds me. My baby

Tasting the breeze and the salty air
In my dreams we're already there.
Dancing with my baby without a care
My baby finds me. My baby finds me.

Swooping and a swooning a hug and a kiss
Who could resist a love like this?

Worlds collide for quite a ride
Find my baby what a surprise
No longer have to fantasize
My baby finds me. My baby finds me.

Waking in the morning lying next to you
Makes everything in the world seem new

(Last Verse)
Find my baby. My baby finds me.
Now we sail away happily.
Cause my baby my baby found me.
My baby found me.

John Nicolas Ruf and Louise d. MacLellan-Ruf©2008

Lyrics Ld Maclellan-Ruf & JN Ruf Music same
Performance ldMacLellan-Ruf & J N Ruf

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