Worry Not Mama, I'll Be Comin Home. * Also, the First Song I Ever Wrote

Story Behind The Song

I was moving off to go and chase a dream I still chase, a dream I still dream today, years back... My mother sounded the cries of worry and resistance, though I was maybe 18-19 and far too uncompromisingly naïve. She feared then that I was wildly unbridled and in danger of so cruel the many of life's hard truths, and likely is still afraid even now that I remain so vulnerable today...

Song Description

But here's too all you worried Mama's... "Let your babies grow up to be something of an adventurist spirit, embrace this in them. Encourage them to love beauty before money, art before fame... May you nurture them by motherly nature... And forgive them all their rebellious crusades of hormonal youth... Lustful and dream-woven and truly insane and never on time as they may be, may you only know them as they are and never them as you want for them to be... more mischievous than obedient.. Mama's, may they always remain unwilling to be denied only those fiery passions they breathe like air and can never live without... or as it was for me: My literary pursuit into adulthood and obscurity, which to this day, I still called a dream... " Your son, the dreamer, - Crawford Hurst

Song Length 5:53 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Composed, Endearing Subject Highway, Street, Road, Mother
Similar Artists Jim Croce, T-Pain Language French
Era 1900 - 1920


======================================== ( song to comfort my Ma's worried mind)

From where I've been Ma,
To where I'll be,
From who I've known now to who knows me,
From the world I've left,
Oh Ma, to the world see,
I'll be, comin home.

From the strife I've lived through,
To the one's I've still got,
The memories I carry - to the ones that I've lost,
From jumping through hoops, - to my one big shot,
I'll be, coming home.

From where this started to where it ends,
These sidewalks in Seattle to those Oklahoma Winds,
From me, to you, Ma,
And back again,
I'll be, comin home.

From the songs I wrote,
To the words I spoke,
The bridges I built,
That lead to worlds I broke,
All these postcards - apologies - to the prayers I know,
I'll be,
Coming home,

From the devil's kiss - to the angel's touch,
Nothing at all - Ma,
To having way too much,
From crawling to walking and unwilling to budge,
I'll be, comin home.

From the raw sounds of rubber,
To the whining rails,
Picking heads, ah but then flipping tails,
From dropping anchor - to opening sails,
I'll be, coming home.

The betrayals of others to the guilt I feel,
From the nature of me to my wisest ordeals,
That false oasis to finding paradise is real;
I'll be, coming home,
From that false oasis to finding paradise is real,
I'll be, coming home

A study in contrasts - that's what this song is. A man finally ready to come home communicates to his Ma what he has been through. It reminds me of Bob Dylan. Definitely rootsy, authentic. Vocal is clear and easy to understand. Lyrics have some depth to make the listener think. Guitar accompaniment is simple, but adequate for the kind of song and recording this is. Favorite lyric: From the sidewalks of Seattle to the Oklahoma winds.

Really enjoyed this. From the chords to the vocals to the lyrics, this song does a good job of creating a mood and emotion. I really liked the passion in the vocalist's performance and the chording was excellent. Thought the guitar was well recorded. Vocals were well recorded also, but i think the level was a little low, sometimes drowned by the guitar.

Lyrics Nick Coleman & Crawford Hurst Music Crawford Hurst & Nick Coleman
Producer Chief Wild Fever Publisher Capital Dome
Performance Long Ago and Long Again Label Paseo Arts District
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