Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song for my amazing mother, Rose Polito, one of the best moms and cooks in the whole world. At age 88, she still cooks gourmet meals for my 90 year old father every night. My parents raised 9 kids and I am blessed to be one of those that sat around their table.

Song Description

Mangia promotes the family values of eating together as a family. It encourages the listener to eat healthy food, have fun and peaceful meals together, turning off the TV and tuning into family relationships.

Song Length 2:55 Genre Folk - General, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Delighted Subject General, General
Similar Artists Peter, Paul & Mary, Joan Baez Language English
Era 2000 and later


Your mama wants you healthy, so whatcha gonna eat?
Your vegies and your fruit, your dairy and your meat?
And do you like spaghetti? Then you're a friend of mine.
Come with me to Mama's. You're welcome any time!

CHORUS: Mangia when you're hungry, mangia with delight.
Mangia with your laughter; mangia every night.
Mangia, Mangia, Mangia means EAT!
When your Mama is cookin', every meal's a treat!

The family's important; the family needs to eat.
So gather round the table; turn off the old TV!
Better is a bowl of soup with love and joy and song
Than a big fat juicy steak when no one gets along.

BRIDGE: Do you eat to live? Or do you live to eat?
For life's a celebration! Oh, please, pull up a seat.
We bow our heads in wonder at the gifts that we receive:
For love that gives and love that grows every time we eat!

The secret of the sauce is not the sausage or the herbs
It's love in Mama's heart when she chops and when she stirs.
Our food will taste much better when we share it with a friend.
So mangia, mi amico, we'll sing it once again!

FINAL CHORUS: Mangia, ending with....
Every meal's a ....chicken cacciatore! Tell me a story!
Turkey tetrazzini! How about a teeny
Taste of lasagna, OOO we like to mangia, mangia
Mangia means EAT! When your mama is cookin'
Every meal's a treat!

Great lead vocal, great backing harmony vocals. Very interesting mix of backing instruments which were all very well played and mixed. Sounds like all of the performers were having fun and enjoying recording this song. Excellent recording quality.

Very well done, well written and recorded. 5 stars.

Great vocal attack of this song and all the instruments have such an" in the right place" feel to them! Nice recording blending all parts and leting them have their place to shine.

yeah, fiddle is cool..
this is a fun song!!

All of a piece, this one. Delightful, musicianly arrangement. Intelligent, well worked-through performance - the warm-hearted singer and players 100% inside the song! Transparent textures and nice use of unison late on in the song. Made me smile and (almost) dance. Don't often come across such gems on Broadjam!

What is there to say Kate when your songs are such full of fun. It is no wonder the kids all love you. All your support singers are on point and do you justice...well done

ideal childrens song that should do very well .the music is great on this. witty fun lyrics and great vocals , the arrangment production and music and vocals are perfectly matched.

this would be a nice song for sesame street or dora the explorer...

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter
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