No Wild Horses Anymore

Song Description

grumpy old man song

Song Length 4:03 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject History, Past Language English


Eyes expanding
Brain retracting
Racing through time

No time to see
Or smell the coffee
Please don't stop
(Don't stop) me

And the last horse died
Now they're sanitised
Neutered by the sponsored lie
Demographic times
Keeps the stars in line
Their words defined
By a brand design

Born to an i-phone
Neglected to see
The screens vacuous
Celebrity's reality, is a bore
As their heads
Bowed to the floor

Living in the moment
And pressing record
Killing the moment
But at least it's stored
And life's been airbrushed
To the core
There are no wild horses anymore

Does it exist
If it isn't online ?

There's no value
Left in mystery
History of 'likes'
Is how you're defined

Parallel parents
Negates a rebel's sense
Of recklessness and distance
If you're seventeen
All you see or seem
Is but a digital dream
On a digital screen

The age of freewheeling
Swashbucklings gone
Reclusive sirens
Time is done
And life's been censored
To the core
There are no wild horses, anymore

There are no truly
Wild horses anymore

Lyrics Mossmunn Music Mossmunn
Producer Scrapman Performance Mossmunn
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