Killer Cinderella

Story Behind The Song

*Reached finals of Song Door Competition this year 2019/20

Song Length 4:36 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Anger
Language English


Monday 8.30 a.m.
Clocking into work again
Brunt of all the jokes by 10.00
Pariah, pariah

Water cooler rumours fly
Office whispers question why
Does this guy not socialise
No smoke without fire

Work place hostilities
Strips him of his dignity
Growing insecurities
Outsider, outsider

This caustic atmosphere
Mutates his behaviour
Thoughts of revenge
Getting ever nearer

The gloves are off
He's had enough
Beyond endurance
The lipstick's on
Inner vixen
Complete transformation

Zip's up her dress
She stares
Into the mirror
There's no trace
Of who she's been
All set for fantasy
Stiletto revelry
She finally feels free

Tuesday 8.30 a.m.
Clocking into work again
Brunt of all the jokes by 10.00
Pariah, pariah

Asked to cover for someone
Reason why is not yet known
Presumed ill -
Not packed and stored
Inside a chest freezer

No self control
The lines are blurring
They'd better run
She's boiling bunnies
Just for fun

Silk stockings on to hide
The blade of justice
Which decide's
Departure time
This meltdown's nuclear
Killer Cinderella
Enchanted in her mind

Friday 4.30 p.m
Clocking off from work again
She's a busy boy
This weekend......

Very interesting and unusual piece. Subject matter is certainly not something you hear every day. Very well done with very interesting lyrics. Guitar solo is great and so is drum work.

Lyrics Mossmunn Music Mossmunn
Producer Scrapman Performance Mossmunn
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