Step Aside (8-14 y.o. kids)

Song Description

When our mind is made up we can achieve anything ? step aside

Song Length 4:29 Genre Pop - General, Unique - Children
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood In High Spirits Language English
Era 2000 and later



Music: Paul Sedkowski
Lyrics: Laura Marie Krier, Paul Sedkowski
Arrangement/Instrumentation: Paul Sedkowski
Artist: BeachTown (10 Children from 7 to 14 years old)
Theme: When our mind is made up we can achieve anything ? step aside
Time: 4?29
Style: Pop / Children?s

Get ready to vibe
Yo, Listen up!
Get ready to vibe

Yo, Listen up, get ready to vibe now
Like a diggidy dog ? don?t stop now
Watch what I say ? yo ? do as I do
I?m gonna fly high - dontcha know I?m gonna upstage ya

You got your turn, you gave it all you got ? Aww
But now it?s time for me to have a shot
(Now turn it up, now turn it up)
I?m gonna show ya - You gonna wish I?d know ya
I?m feelin? good now - Got all the moves down

Step aside, watch this vibe - Step aside
Step aside, catch this vibe - Step aside
Step aside, watch this vibe
It?s cookin? and it?s mine all mine, all mine
Ooo yeah
It?s cooking - Mine all mine, Step, step aside?

Do one better
Yo ? like a diggidy dog

Mine all mine all mine
Ooo ? ayy?
Mine all mine all mine
Ooo, yea ? o-o, step aside

I know you?re gonna try and up the heat ? uh-huh
Ain?t no use tryin? cos I got you beat
(Now give it up ? now give it up)
I?m just beginnin?
Got the DJ spinnin?
Oooo ? can?t you see
I?m already winnin?

Little Bow-Wow, Romeo, Omero are quite good
But I?m just on top of the world
Versace, Casino, Valentino, Motoshino
That?s where I buy my clothes from to look like this
Cos I?m just so criss, just so criss
Hey yo, this is the Upstage gang
We?re so cool, we?re so fresh, we don?t know where to hang
Where to hang

Lyrics Laura Krier, Paul Sedkowski Music Paul Sedkowski
Producer Paul Sedkowski Publisher Mere Music International
Performance BeachTown Label Mere Music International
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