My New Best Friend (12-13 y.o. girls)

Song Description

Hanging out, breaking up with friends and making new ones

Song Length 2:59 Genre Unique - Children, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Cheerful Subject Friend
Similar Artists The Jacksons, Spice Girls Language English
Era 2000 and later



Music: Paul Sedkowski
Lyrics: Paul Sedkowski, Laura Marie Krier
Arrangement/Instrumentation: Paul Sedkowski
Artist: M?Pressive (children between 13 and 14 years old)
Theme: Hanging out, breaking up with friends and making new ones
Time: 2?59
Style: Pop / Dance
Category: Children?s

Yo? boys ? you never listen to a word we say
Ya only ever wanna have your way
What did I say ?It?s not OK
Us girls ? we got it right, we got it goin? on
And if ya stick with us, you can?t go wrong
Come on ? get strong

I?m being misunderstood
I?d change it if I could
But everything I say
Gets turned around some other way

They think they know my mind
But I think they?ve just gone blind
If only they could see
What´s goin? on inside of me

Do you think it?s gonna be alright
I need a hand to help to help me through
I need somebody who can see the light
All the things that we could do

Do you wanna be my new best friend - Walk with me through thick & thin
Do you wanna be my new best friend - Be my power from within
Do you wanna be my new best friend - Feel the things that I am feeling
Do you wanna be my new best friend - For real

There is a girl I know
She was in it just for show
Was once a friend of mine
But not anymore she?s waste of my time

I?m not so perfect too
But at least I know the truth
No point in telling lies
Besides it just ain?t right


You don?t need to tell me what is wrong and what is right
Cos I know I got my answer - And it?s outta sight
People know just who I am ? by the company I keep
They?ll be dying to get in ? but they?re in too deep

Lyrics Paul Sedkowski, Laura Krier Music Paul Sedkowski
Producer Paul Sedkowski Publisher Mere Music International
Performance M'Pressive Label Mere Music International
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