In His Eyes

Song Length 5:24 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Sociable, Miserable Subject Heartbreak, Relationship
Similar Artists Taylor Swift Language English
Era 2000 and later


© Marilyn Oakley

I was sitting in the city park, just keeping to myself
listenin' to the country band.
I pushed my shades up and that's when I noticed him
Over by the hotdog stand.
What drew me to him was the emptiness I saw
It felt like it matched mine
Cause I'm in that same place where a heart goes
Like, too many times
The loneliness I see how it imitates me
Where we hide in the corner of our mind
That's where I felt him most, in his eyes, mmm, his eyes

He was like a stranger to me like many that were there
but it felt like I knew him
I couldn't help but stare as I imagined his thoughts like mine
were of a lost love
Avoided people's looks as they pass by
hoping they won't see
the pain he conceals in his heart, how he
believes just like me
The torment I feel it gets pretty real
I know all too well where he's comin' from
That's what I saw, in his eyes, mmm, his eyes

He felt my glare
And I quickly looked away,
Amazed by what we shared.
When the band was done,
We both left ... alone.
That's how we ended our day
I, to a bed unmade -
I wonder what's his secret hideaway?

I was standing in my backyard, when the dark clouds rolled in
as the rain began to fall
Cold and colorless drops hit my face,
Guess I'm not so alone after all
Like me, did he just need a moment from home
trying to comfort his heartache?
I guess when all is said and done we rushed back,
tears meeting our last break
Spend my nights cryin' and I would be lying
If I said that I hurt worse than him.
Hearts are the same no matter the pain, he held in his eyes mmm...his eyes

Bridge: (partial)
That's how we ended our day
I, to a bed unmade
I wonder what's his secret hideaway in his eyes?...mmm, his eyes

Liked the use of strings.

Great voice. The lyrics is a little weak. You have the kind of voice that can tell ANY story. No hook, work a little on the lyrics to find better wording that forces the listener to follow the song.

Lyrics Marilyn Oakley Music Marilyn Oakley
Publisher M Oakley Performance Melissa Collins
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In His Eyes

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