Who is this man Jesus?

Story Behind The Song

I have lived a religious roller coaster coming closer and further away from God at times in my life. so I wrote this song to address questions that I have heard and I have heard others say and i wanted to convey the message that it is ok to question God, question Jesus and why he came to us.

Song Description

The song goes through questions about Who is Jesus.. and ends with a decision that the singer finally believes he is the saviour

Song Length 3:23 Genre Folk - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving Language English


Who is this man Jesus? August 23, 2009 ©2010
Michelle Lockey Key D:

Who is this man Jesus?
Some say he's just a fool
A fraud, a magic man
Who is just foolin' you?

Who is this man Jesus?
A pauper or a prince
Just a man to some
That cannot be convinced

Is he Messiah?
Who has raised up the dead?
Or just a myth
That was put inside your head?

Who is this man Jesus?
The sacrificial Lamb?
Who came to save our sins
Who is the great I AM?

Who is this man Jesus?
I hear he helps the blind to see
And was born into this world
To save a wretch like me

Is he messiah
Who gave himself for us?
And for his good deeds
He was hung upon the cross..


He's the love, you've never known
The dawn in your darkest hour
His Words will turn your life around
He will never let you down

Last Verse/End

So, I tell you this man Jesus
He looked into my soul
He raised me from the grave
He's The Saviour now I know

Sweet melody. Nice guitar. Good message.

Lyrics Michelle Lockey Music Michelle Lockey and David Hawley
Performance Michelle Lockey and Seneca Creek Church Band
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Who is This Man Jesus?

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