Long Tired Road

Song Description

The song is about one that is finally at the end of the road, of themselves. Home, remorse, and repair are calling. But is it too late... Think prodigal child...

Song Length 3:48 Genre Folk - General
Mood Moving Similar Artists , Townes Van Zandt
Language English


I've come by the wayside, I've wandered alone
Been search'n for heal'n, longing for home
As I gather the pieces of a broken-down soul
What a long, long, tired road

As the sun rises high and it sets down below
I've cursed all the reasons, I've pondered the cold
Been bound to noth'n, got noth'n to show
What a long, long, tired road

My years are younger than the shape that I show
I'm tired of being tired on this path that I own
Regret is the only friend that I know
What a long, long tired road (tired road)


I wonder what they're doing back there at home
I doubt that they'd have me, for all that I've shown
But it's better than dying out here alone
What a long, long, tired road
What a long tired road

Lyrics Matthew Stemme Music Tom Bedlam

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