Laughter in the Hallway

Song Description

This song was written as I pondered the lines etched upon our hallway door. These lines mark the heights and ages of my one-time little girls. These lines tell a story of a family that stayed together--through the good and through the bad. Life is what happens between the lines.

Song Length 3:54 Genre Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Engaging Subject Father
Language No Language


On the inside of a doorway, there's a masterpiece of time
Laughter fills the hallway, as I ponder all the lines
Standing right before me, etched so I can see
All the years we had together, my little girls, my wife and me

Daddy how tall am I?
What will I grow to be?
Will you love me forever, even when it's time to leave?

Memories and milestones
Toddlers and teens
The Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause
Prom dresses and car keys


Looking back on years gone by, a lot of laughs and some pretty hard times
I cherish those years and I long for more
The days when we marked time inside the door


On the inside of a doorway, there's a masterpiece of time
And laughter fills MY hallway, as I ponder all the lines
Yes, sweet laughter fills my hallway...
As I ponder....EVERY line...

Yes, I'll love you forever, even 'til the end of time

all 5's for me, hit home

Such a beautiful song, the male lead vocals are lovely, really like the arrangement

Lyrics Matthew Stemme Music Matthew Stemme
Producer David Spires Performance David Spires/Vocals
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