Joy in the Journey

Story Behind The Song

I learned life-lessons and principle from my uncle who took me fishing. He had an easy going way about him--catching fish was a bonus to the overall journey. It has taken me many years of adulthood to incorporate it into my living, and my way, but I was given great wisdom upon the shores of a mountain lake. One can learn much from just "going fishing".

Song Description

We often move too fast in life. Our patience, too limited. Our attitude has a way of blinding what we see and experience in everyday life. Joy can be found in the simplest of endeavors, in the blessing of routine, in the mundane. Life need not be measured by how big the event, how fast we go, how much we take away in bags and carts, but by the joy of taking in all that is around us--especially, that of daily, as well as the grand, experiences with a loved one by our side. We must open our eyes, or we are in danger of missing the true blessings of life.

Song Length 3:37 Genre Country - General, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Joyful, Content
Subject Life, Joy Similar Artists , Craig Morgan
Era 2000 and later


Went fishing with my granddad, I was right around 12-years-old
The bite was slow, the wind was cold, I complained and I wanted to go
Well he checked his line and said with a sigh, son, can't you see this mountain lake
A stringer full is not the goal, but the joy along the way

You gotta take joy in the journey, open your eyes and see the beauty
Cause the fish aint always bite'n and the sun don't always shine
Things don't always go our way, and there's always a hill to climb

The words he said, they sunk like lead, and became the model of my life
Now no matter the road or heavy the load, I try to open up my eyes
Could be a mountain lake or interstate, a loved one by my side
How fast we go is not the goal, but the joy along the ride


My Granddad's gone but his spirit lives on, through my children who bear his name
We toss out a line, I pull 'em aside and share the wisdom he had to say

We gotta take joy in the journey, open your eyes and see the beauty
No the fish aint always bite'n and the sun don't always shine
But take joy in your journey, there's beauty if you open your eyes

Take joy in your journey
Take joy in your journey

Lyrics Matthew Stemme Music Danny Place and GC Music
Producer Gary Carter Performance Danny Place and GC Music

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