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What can I say. I like 80's hardcore metal sound. Performed live on camcorder.

Song Description

Have fun kiddies!

Song Length 2:28 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal
Era 1980 - 1989


As I slog through this wretched life
of misery un-ending strife

This quest I have of burning rage
to find the one in my I-mage

Putrid hell you've me
so you say I have the key

I shall find this lock you speak
favor me I am the meek

When you will know, as I do
come what may I come for you

Screaming's how the angels die
on my way to you on high

Burning hell...

Burning hell, quenching thirst
I bide my time...

Lyrics Mike Campbell Music Mike Campbell
Producer Mike Campbell Publisher Mike Campbell
Performance Mike Campbell
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