The Web Unwinds

Story Behind The Song

Years ago friends of mine where going through marital difficulties and the situation made me sad and inspired me to write a song about their life and story.

Song Description

This is the story of a couple who have been married for many years, raised a family etc.. and now find that they have very little in common with each other any more. And the question is posed "is there something here to salvage".

Song Length 5:12 Genre Folk - Country, Country - Contemporary
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Sorrow, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Trisha Yearwood, Indigo Girls Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Web Unwinds

She feels the life they?ve built
Slippin? thru her fingers
So many years
So little time.
The man she?s always loved,
Has become a stranger
Silence grows between them
Like a vine.

And she fears
It may be over
But she doesn?t know
The way to say the words.
Can?t go back,
Can they start over?
Is it worth the effort
Just to say you?re mine?
The Web Unwinds.

Verse 2:

The kids are almost grown,
Years of stuggle over
They built a house, built a life.
But now it seems a strain,
To find a middle ground
Is there love enough remaining to endure?


Holidays and children,
Spark memories of the good times,
Like flint against the stone.
Alas it only serves as a reminder,
Of how far they?ve let this love of their?s decline,
The Web Unwinds.

Lyrics Mary Ott Music Mary Ott
Producer Mark Segal and Mary Ott Publisher Mary Ott
Performance Mark Segal-Guitar,Drums, Bass Mary Ott Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals Label Self Produced

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