I Wanna Be Remembered

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song a few years back and many people when they hear me play it, assume that I'm talking about a person. But actually this is a love song to my music. This song captures how I feel about my music, the place it's held in my life and in my jou

Song Description

This song is a love song to music. The gift and joy that music has been in my life.

Song Length 5:53 Genre Rock - Classic, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Content Subject Musician, Freedom
Similar Artists K.D. Lang, Sheryl Crow Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


I Wanna Be Remembered
Music and Lyrics by Mary Ott Copyright 1996

You?ve been my constant companion
You?ve been my endless source of strength
No human vehicle could serve me
The way that you have, my old friend.

We?ve been together for a lifetime
My, the places you have shown,
I wake each mornin? sure of one thing
You?ll be with me no matter
How rough that it?s goin?


I wanna be remembered,
For something other than my past.
Sometimes it?s been lonely,
Sometimes I didn?t think I?d last.
I?m writing a new chapter
Callin? it , No regrets.
I?m livin? in the moment,
Throwin? out all the rest.

Verse 2:

It is early in the morning
And I am down here in the sand.
The birds are flyin? over head
And I am stretchin? out my hand.


Nature speaks it?s song to me
I try my best to set it free
All the stories I have told,
Colors rich and colors bold.
What the heck am I lookin? for,
My search for meaning is a chore.
Wasted space and wasting time
Confusion rules,
My life? sublime.

Lyrics Mary Ott Music Mary Ott
Producer Mary Ott/Mark Indictor/Mark Segal Publisher Mary Ott
Performance Scott Lund/Drums Mick Mahan/Bass Mark Segal/Lead Guitar Mary Ott/Keys and Guitar/Vocals Carrie Howe/Backing vocals Label Cosmic Music Productions

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