Those Tennessee Nights Corey's

Song Description

Remembering back to wonderful memories of Tennessee........ Strange......I can't quite remember how to get back there??

Song Length 3:40 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Gatlin Bros. Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Those Tennessee Nights" Corey, Corey & Marx/BMI
Song Guard 2020 Aug.

1st Verse
I love the Stillness of a Tennessee Night
Can make these troubled times feel almost right
Still hear them Bull frogs down by the brook
Gonna make it home now, by hook or crook.........

When I was young I wanted to roam
Went off to college, now I'm headed home
Those Tennesee Nights are callin' my name
My Memories are strong, I hope nothing's changed.....

Those Tennessee Nights
Oooo..... Those Tennessee Nights..........

2nd Verse
I miss Southern Girls with sweet smelling hair
I miss the dirt roads, that led to nowhere
Long summer days with nothing to do
The whole world looked shiny, looked so new


We'd catch fire flies in an old Mason Jar
We'd make wishes on a shooting star
Swim by the light of a Tennessee Moon
Knowing tomorrow would come too soon..........
Whooo.......Come To soon...

Those Tennessee Nights are callin' my name
My Memories are strong, I hope nothing's changed.....

Those Tennessee Nights.........

1st Verse Repeat

Loved the chorus. Sounds like an album release. Great job!

Lyrics Margie Corey, A. Corey Music K. Marx, Corey's.......
Producer K. Marx, Corey's Publisher Sharomar Music Pub. BMI
Performance K. Marx Music, Big Buck Vocals

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