The Road Instrumental Coreys

Story Behind The Song

There was a request for an instrumental Road Song.......wah's from an earlier Lyric tune of ours

Song Length 2:58 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood In High Spirits
Era 2000 and later

I sounds like a song about a cowboy who is on his way to the next ride his dreams are on that bull and his life is hard but he wouldnt have it any other way. He loved a girl but his love for the rodeo was stronger. One day he will ride back into town

Awesome sounding track! Great job!

very nice high stepping energetic track. I'm betting there's some vocals to go along with this, or should be:-)! Very well done overall.

more of a bluegrass feel like it

The song had a good toe-tapping feel right from the get-go. It's always hard for me to review a song when it is just the instrumental version, but the instrumentation and production of the song were well done throughout. I enjoyed listening.

Wonderful instrumental, fantastic job. all sounded great.

What fun! I kept expecting to hear lyrics, but there were none, and still I thought it was wonderful fun. It made me want to dance and too sing, "come dance. with me, and see and see the winter white,....... etc. etc. Lovely, smooth, sweet and clever music that makes your mind come cup with words before you know it. I love the sounds of this song. Good, gapped luck with it.

I liked the guitar riffs in this song. It seemed to be a very good recording, although I was not crazy about the arrangement, it had some good playing in there. A little mix of old school and traditional.

really nice combo of instruments and all good, tasty!!

Music A. Corey Producer A. Corey
Performance Arte' Coray"
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