Poopers Mcgoo Sinclair

Story Behind The Song

Story of a Pet Cat

Song Description

Day in the life of a Cat named Poopers McGoo Sinclair and don't you forget it!!!

Song Length 3:18 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Cats, Kittens
Language English Era 2000 and later


Poopers McGoo Sinclair
Marg & Art Corey/BMI
Copyright 2014 (c)

Here kitty, kitty........Tuna Treats??

Where the heck is that cat??

1st Verse

My name is Poopers McGoo Sinclair
I go thru life without a care
No denyin', I'm cute without tryin'
Yes, I'm Pooper McGoo Sinclair

And don't you look at me that way..............
Are you behaving yourself ??

2nd Verse

I share this castle with Ryane and Rob
Who thinks I'm a bit of a slob
He's kissin' on my miss Ryane
Who's love that we're both vyin'

Oh, being me is a full time job
Here kitty, kitty?


Yes, I'm Mr. Pooper Sinclair
And I live in a Big Red Chair
My owner's think I'm Lazy and a tad bit crazy
Yes, I'm the infamous McGoo Sinclair

3rd Verse

Now, here comes that cool cat Sinclair
He's so cute people stop and they stare
He tries so good to be sweet, to get a tuna treat
But some times life ain't very fair.....................

Meow, meow, meow...................

Instant pop novelty classic from the start! Delightful and fun all the way through from the first "Here kitty kitty." The catchy melody beckons for more listens. Instrumentation meows, pounces, and skitters. The story and lyrics are as original, fun, and keeps you wondering what's going to happen next! What could be a more purrfect kitty theme? You'll look for your own furry friend after listening to this!

Nice an quirky. Definitely getting cat character right! Sounds a bit like Talking Heads meets B52s. Very interesting and humorous song,

Wow! I was NOT expecting this! This is the first time I have jumped straight to the lyrics to see what was happening here! I actually LOVE this song...it is SO far from anything that I could or would write which is why it appeals so much. Being a cat owner, I could absolutely relate to the observational nature of the song...and I am now going to adjust my own behaviour as a result of the song as I am worried what my own cat has seen!!!
I love the way that the male and female vocals go back and forth in a very conversational manner. I could easily see this being sung by The Barenaked Ladies! It has their calling card all over it!
This could be ideal in a cartoon or family film. In fact, if they ever make another film of Garfied, this HAS to be in it!
The production and instrumentation is top notch and the vocals are great. Well done!

Nice to hear someone having ACTUAL FUN with music. Great subject, LOL! Thanks for the chuckles! Well done!

Very different! I like different. Well executed. I can hear this in an off the wall musical show. Commercial outlets for this type of off the wall tune I suspect would be limited.

Ok - I did not expect this one...Very cool groove
Groovy is an understatement. FUN from the get go - and futur4istic - some nice harmonies and production techniques - love the pans. LOVED IT

cool chord progression

I dug the vibe in this. It reminded me a bit of Prince but it also had a 70's thing going for it too. I can envision this in a movie or any other Pop radio. Good work.

Lyrics Marg & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey, M. Rifkin Publisher Art Corey
Performance Art Corey, M. Rifkin
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