Oh, Sole Mio COREYS

Song Length 3:48 Genre Country - Cajun
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists ??? Language English
Era 1990 - 1999

Triple Cajun WOW. This is an amazing song. The stunning fiddle intro sets the song up for excitement, which this artist delivers in EVERY verse of the song. The breakup story, the restaurant, the RHYMES! This is an excellent piece of work from the lyrics, to instrumentation and production. Seriously this fiddle player has GREAT energy as does the pianist. And don't get me started on the lead vocal. Crystal clear, passionate delivery, with a fun twang. Love the rondelet rhyming with cafe and the ending is just stellar.

Cool intro. Lead singer has a very classical sounding country voice and is ideal for this song. Good and clever lyrics and great instrumentation. The piano adds a very nice touch.

I enjoyed the track very much. It is my thought that it falls more within the country genre than cajun. I hear more of the traditional country melody than that of new country. I believe there is definitely a place for the song. Country music is one of the categories streamed on our station and this track sounds as good as any. Great Job!

Lyrics Margie, Alton. Sharon & Art Corey Music A. Corey
Publisher Sharomar Music Pub Performance Buck Swade
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