I Get The Bird Coreys

Story Behind The Song

My sister-in-law (Sharon) and brother (Alton) had just driven 7 hours up to Morro Bay and came in the door laughing about the idea of a yard bird ornament would be something that could be handed down as something of incredible value, an heirloom.....I told them to write down the thought and wahla....our "BIRD" song was given birth!!

Song Description

It's a song about a Yard Ornament as an heirloom............

Song Length 3:20 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial, Ecstatic Subject Birds, Silliness
Similar Artists ?? Language English
Era 2000 and later


"I Get The Bird"
Sharon, Alton, Margie & Art Corey Copyright 2000 (C) BMI

1st Verse

You can have the house, you can have the cash
You can even have my car
But, I get that flamingo in the yard
You can keep the fish, you can take the dog
But, in case you haven't heard
Honey, I get the bird.......

2nd Verse

Well, take the Elvis plates and the Chia Pets
And all that soap on a rope
But, keepin' that flamingo's been my hope
You're gonna feel so fine as you drive away
With my dashboard lined in fur,
But Honey, I get the Bird!


You might think that I'm a hick
To want a pink bird on a stick,
Darlin', try an understand
It came down thru my family,
It's all my mamma left to me,
Sometimes, I hear my mamma's words:
"Honey........You Get the Bird!"

Take the Honolulu pillows,
And the moose head in the den,
As memories of love that didn't last
But that cheerful yard companion
Is where I draw the line,
A man must have a symbol of his past!

Chorus Repeat..........

Funny and entertaining. Great for anyone who has ever been divorced or broken up. We all get the Bird when this happens. I don't know what artist it reminds me of. Humor wise I guess it could go back to Jerry Reed type humor. I am from Texas so the instruments fit with Texas Music. Really cool song that will be relevant to almost everyone.

nice story

Who can resist pink flamingo humor? This song is a hoot! It's a story of a break-up, a couple splitting up their possessions. He insists that he gets to keep the pink flamingo (it's all my mama left to me). What a crack up. Original humor. Hokey Pokey Fun.

Hi Art, I'm back! This song is a hoot!!! Plain and simple!! What a clever idea. And the other objects to be divided are so well thought up. In a word, BRILLIANT!!!

Great fun. Wonderful sense of humor. Reminds me of Doctor Hook. You have a nice raw sound. This one has got to be a rollicking live number where the audience sings the last line with you. I'm gonna be singing You GET THE BIRD all day now.

This song starts strong and continues to gather momentum, keeping a great pace. Great authentic country vocals. Istrumentalists (whether artist or band) are top notch, and really gives a great Americana sound. I would be very interested in other material this artist has to offer, I think he/they are great.

A very original twist on an old subject - breaking up. Who'd have expected a custody battle over a flamingo? This is a fun song with a catchy chorus. High standard instrumentation, well produced.

This song was original and a great concept.

Lyrics Sharon, Alton and Margie Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey & M. Rifkin Performance BMI
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