No Forgiveness

Story Behind The Song

No Forgiveness It seems strange how some pieces of music, regardless of my expectations, seem to take on a toughness, and a life all their own. I really didn't have high hopes for this piece. It was nice, I thought I would throw it out there, and see what happened. Someone on a website liked this piece, and saw to it that it was reviewed repeatedly, which resulted in the number of good reviews, and or fans I like to see before submitting it to professionals. Actually a pleasant surprise. "No Forgiveness".

Song Description

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Song Length 2:57 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, New Age - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Composed, Quiet Subject Conformity, Regret
Similar Artists Travis A. King, Duke Starwalker Era 2000 and later



The instrumentation is excellent the melody very pleasing great use of the guitar licks. The arrangement is spot on could see this in a film.

I am not sure I would call this country, it sounds more like a Christian or easy listening song. It is a nice simple melody, I could see adding a little more piano making it very nice foe vocals. It could be used in scenes of movies and has a hopeful kind of mood to it.

nice dreamy sweet sounding instrumental track. is that a glock sounds nice. nice little melody and recorded well.

I was expecting lyrics because of the genre (country contemporary).
However, a very sweet tune and really pleasant to listen to.
I can see it as a soundtrack in a video where various 'things' fly or pop out of a box and surprise the audience.
Some classical touches in the parts were nice.

I love all the instruments in the song great job.

A different instrument sound or melodic line other than keyboard would help the overall arrangement. A cello or Viola playing a counter melody would be great...A string pad would also be a nice touch...You are very proficient on piano and I especially liked the chord progression and variations you played...I can't think of any artist off hand that this reminds me of but I feel this would make great background music for a tv commercial or for a movie

Pretty song. I enjoyed it!

This track is a pleasant listen. Evokes a feeling of sweet nostalgia, rather poignant in character. I kept wondering ... is there a version with lyrics? Whoever played this has a nice touch on the keys. The samples are well-selected.

Nice melodic track. Quiet and soulful instrumental.

This song is very pleasant to listen to. Ephemeral. Nice arrangement.

A nice Christmas Carol.

Well performed instrumentation.

Good job on the instrumentation!

Chord Progressions seem to flow well

Music Lawrence K. Bodien
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