ebb and flow

Song Description

This is a copy of life. Though I like flow and ebb better. Just the way things go.

Song Length 2:49 Genre Unique - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Joyful Similar Artists William Ross

Absolutely beautiful piano piece with some nice pads thrown in.

Maybe this would do well in movies or television drama. Nice composition.

Reminds one of someone looking for one's soul mate. Nice arpeggios, relaxing feel.

nice work and melody just so different ... very pleasing to hear

The transition around 1:50 into an even chord progression and the arpeggiated notes is wonderful after the slew of less orderly notes in the earlier part of the song. Great use of contrast to bring the listener through to a calm mood. I like the simplicity of synth, and string orchestration, and not much else. This music would work well in a video game, I believe, due to the synthy keys. Or perhaps in film/tv depending on the scene.

I love the piano introduction and all the keyboard runs - very good mix with the other instruments - sounds like this could be a great soundtrack to a major motion picture.

Smooth and comforting. The simple piano melody is hypnotic and catches the ear just right. A great tune to fit under dialogue makes this thing ready and able for tons of sync opportunities around here too. Nice work!

consistency of piano carrying you throughout the journey of the track. I can see this track being on a movie soundtrack, for a romantic interlude or a reunion of lost loves. The actual sound is very solid, just would like to know what recording equipment was used on this particular project. It is an overall success in my opinion.

One can tell that whoever played this is an excellent piano player. Instrumentation is very beautiful. Great technique and prowess as a keyboard artist.

A very pleasing composition, it would sound well in any film about nature or set in a mild landscape with trickling brooks and beautiful vistas in an atmosphere of tranquility. I can hear the colors and imagine the light, slanted rays of sun at the edge of a forest, a park, even a ciry....... like Florence.

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