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Clink Clank Clink- Clank is kind of a surprise. It is sparse on bass, and uses a lot of high-sounding instruments. I played it awhile ago on Jango, and it got a pretty positive response that I did not expect. Made me happy though.

Song Length 2:35 Genre Classical - Baroque, Classical - Baroque
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Peaceful, Content Similar Artists Franz Joseph Hyden, George Frideric Handel
Era 1600 - 1699



I could see this being used in some baby product or pet commercial.

Beautiful lulaby instrumrntal

This is a nice piece .... don't know much about this genre but if what mood is what you're after, then there is plenty of that here..... it will find many homes...

Nice blend of baroque instruments and I liked the organ/keyboard. Very relaxing, soothing tempo and song. This is good music for centering oneself, lowering blood pressure, or even meditation. I thought the length of song was perfect and it had some nice unexpected changes to if that made it even more interesting. Good job!

Beautiful lullaby with a pretty mix of instruments. Especially like the music box sound. Nice work!

From the first note I was thinking of a music box with a spinning ballerina dancing as the music played...the toy piano sound was magical and childlike which makes it a perfect pitch for almost any baby product...the song has another layer added at the 1:00 mark and then another beautiful and interesting layer added at the 1:15 mark...this will give you the option of creating short cues for various pitches..

What a lovely song. Here are some adjectives I wrote down about the way this instrumental came across to me: Beautiful, pleasant, peaceful, poignant, sweet, and magical. You did a nice job composing it, playing it and recording it. Bravo! And thanks for the introduction to Classical: Baroque. (I should have taken a music history class in college).

Love the intro and the happy sounds you make with the bell like tones. This could work well as a lullaby or maybe for a children's movie or TV Show as ambient type mood music to set a happy tone for a scene. I'm pretty sure this is an original and I enjoyed listening to it very much and want to hear more music from you in the future.

Simple, calm and pulse that keeps things moving along. Easy enough on the ear for background music for a number of sync opportunities around here, this song is also nice to spin as background music around the home or office.

Music Lawrence K. Bodien
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