A Wedding Blessing

Song Length 4:04 Genre Folk - Traditional


Wedding blessing
(Words: Carney-Folk/ Music: Folk)

May love surround you at your table
May it breathe in the words you share each day
May it be the light that guides you
And comforts you as you find your way

May the love that you have come to know
Grow and radiate from your hearts
Be a light to those around you
And give peace that never parts.

As you start your life together
May God's presence guide you on your way
With your hopes set on forever
May God bless you
May god bless you on this, your wedding day.

May your home be always filled with laughter
May life's journey bring you joy and peace
May the love you share together
Bring you wonders that never cease.

May you know the joy of friends and family
May it warm the corners of your home
May it be the sure foundation
That stays with you wherever you may roam.

As you start your life together
May God's presence guide you on your way
With your hopes set on forever
May God bless you, May God bless you
May God bless you on this, your wedding day.

Sheet music for soloist, (high voice/low voice), piano, guitar and violin available.
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Lyrics Folk/Carney Music Folk
Performance Larry Folk
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