Time Alone

Story Behind The Song

The description tells the story. This song was written from the heart of Noah King. At 20, he wonders about life, religion, philosophy - and writes from the heart. This is just one of Noah's many poems he has turned into a song.

Song Description

This is poetry, more than typical rap, with a great hook (he CAN sing) - and a tracks that's easy to listen to. Although he does rap, there is not anger. This song is more like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens or John Lennon - philosophical yet soothing.

Song Length 3:20 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Troubled Subject Existence, Life
Language English Era 2000 and later


I got a question for God
I want to know if he exists
What would life be like
if heaven was just a myth.
Cuz everybody lives
according to his law,
I find it hard to believe
in something I never saw.
But I?m open minded
and God, I hope I find him
If I ever see him, trust me,
I won?t deny him.
But I question if death
is really just a darkness?
Do I have a soul,
or am I just a carcass?
Ain?t afraid of death
but I?m terrified of dying.
I?m trying to be a better man -
and just avoid crying.
I need a helping hand -
can?t face it alone.
Only ones that understand me
were raised in my home.
And if there is a heaven -
I think that they would let me in.
I ain?t religious
but God can see the heart of man
(heart of man, heart of man)

You need to be honest
the world?s so crazy.
You got to be honored
to hear your name.
Everyone?s talking
sometimes though baby,
about the cave from where Jesus came -
I just need some time alone.
I gotta figure this out on my own.
...ew yahhhh.

I think it?s funny how people
think they can fool the Lord
Go to church once a week
then they live their life wrong.
If you truly believe
in this almighty power,
he?s with you 24/7
not for a couple hours.
How could you go
and be mad at me?
I don?t rock a cross.
I don?t know what I believe,
but I know that my heart is pure.
Most people've been
infected by the devil -
and it's hard to cure.
They try to burn - and still
I?m gonna hold it down.
Close my eyes, spit a flow
that will blow you out.
It?s just - my opinion
that I?m giving in a song, now
16 bars of written lyrics, that?s on now.
I ain?t religion.....
Is it really what you think it is?


So many bodies in the ground,
ashes in the sea.
My grandfather?s gone
now he lives through me.
And not a day goes by
that I don?t think about dying,
If getting intoxicated?s
gonna easy my mind.
Is it wrong to love a buzz
so you can get away?
They say don?t take drugs
and use them as an escape
My mind?s in a maze
trying to find it's way out.
Thinking of dying....
and seeing my eyes fade out.
I show a smile to the world.
Inside is a frown.
It?s a beautiful life,
What if I wasn?t around?
My homie Gordon told me
that I got a guardian angel,
but I aint ever seen her,
so to me she just a stranger.
I?m 'a live thinking
when I die - that?s it.
They say it?s women,
I say it?s living that?s a bitch.

Lyrics Noah Publisher Hanna Music
Performance Noah Robert King
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