Move On

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So many songs are about the sadness of "breaking up" from the jilted person's perspective. This is from the point of view of the person doing the breaking up. Because there's no anger, it's hard and she doesn't want to hurt him by dragging it out. She w

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - Alternative
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Serene, Relaxed Subject Breaking Up
Similar Artists Sheryl Crow Language English
Era 2000 and later


Move On

Break away from me, you don?t let me breathe
so I know, it?s time to go
Break away from me, have the strength to be
on your own alone

You never knew what I needed
You only gave what you wanted
I wasn?t living my life, ohhhh
And now I need for you to leave me
?cause deep inside I?m streaming...
move on

You know life can?t be, just a fantasy
we evove and people change
Movin? on is tough, from the pain and the strain of life
there?s a price, for all you gain

We don?t have to know it, we just have to feel it
something ovious, is tearing us, tearing us down now
But to know inside me, there is something hiding
lets me know it?s time to run!

Chorus Repeats

Break away from me, let me try my wings
found my heart, now let me start
Keep the memories but let me be what I was meant to be
although I know it?s hard

Chorus Repeats

Lyrics Shirley and Leah Hanna King Music Leah Hanna King
Publisher Hanna Music/ASCAP Performance Leah Hanna King
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