Fading Away

Story Behind The Song

After 3 years of dating the same guy, I realized I had only been operating on a 40% level; I was merely a fracrtion of myself... the fraction I felt he could love me for. After that got old and extremely exhausting, I took the risk and broke up with him s

Song Description

This song is about a person taking the chance to step out of her comfort zone to find out who she really is and what she wants from life. This could mean losing her "sure thing", a.k.a the person/people which love the version of her she's been displaying

Song Length 3:02 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Diplomatic Subject Breaking Up, General
Similar Artists Sheryl Crow, Tracy Chapman Language English
Era 2000 and later


Fading Away

Being a coward, and being brave,
is a contradiction in the way I?m made.
Finding the right time, to walk away
is a hard decision I make every day.

Fading Away From Your Heart
is always a fear of mine.
Knowing that nothing?s guaranteed
I could lose your live while I am finding me.

But holding back now, I finally know.
is the surest way to never grow.
And though I love you, I wanna be
who I am now- in spite of me!

Chorus Repeats

So on my own, I?ll find my way
if that?s the way, it has to be
I looked inside and big surprise...
I am stronger than I?ve ever been finally-

I?m taking chances, but I bet on me
it?s an education that I won?t get for free
Things may be changing, well they always do
it?s the only way I?ll ever find my truth!

Chorus Repeats

Lyrics Shirley and Leah Hanna King Publisher Hanna Music
Performance Leah Hanna King
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