The Blues Is A Friend Of Mine

Song Length 4:10 Genre Jazz - Standards


cant lift my head off my pillow
cant stop the tears, oh no
just like a river, time keeps on drifting by

last night, I tossed & turned
counting sheep is no relief from sorrow leave me be, i'll be fine cause the blues is a friend of mine

Don't need whiskey I don't want a drink (don't) blame inebriation for the things I think
I never was needy, but don't tell my Daddy that
got no regrets you get what you get

got nobody, no one to call
there's bills in my mailbox, thats all
but you won't find me crying, cause I need a better reason to bawl

When I got my music, all the world is fine
I dance alone like a long and tangled vine
but I never get lonely cause the blues is still a friend of mine

don't get out much, no where to go
when you stay at home, it don't matter who you know
save all the drama, thats how its got to be
cause all thats left are the blues and me

my stories simple, got nothing to gain
nothing to prove and no one to blame
life's so cool when you don't have to fan the flame
Don't need no rainbow, over my head
never cared much, for yellow, green or red
But I get by, every time cause the blues is a friend of mine.

I get by, every time cause the blues is a friend of mine

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