I Found The Truth In You

Song Length 4:20 Genre Jazz - Standards
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150)


I've been stuck in the middle of a rock, and a hard place
learned my lessons from the past

And if I learned one thing from all my bad breaks it's that life is one long journey not a race

I took my medicine with a smile upon my face
I took my chances and made my own mistakes
I've been misled, by more, than a few but I Found The Truth in You

I've left the loneliness of days gone by
full of broken promises and lies
my new found confidence has, opened my eyes
with all the best that money can't buy

Know I'm not one to tout my own, aspirations
I got better things to do
but if you tend to dwell on your limitations you need to
reevaluate your point of view

I take my knocks with a smile upon my face
I take my chances and make my own mistakes
It's undeniable but if we need to review
I Found The Truth in found The Truth I Found The Truth in You

Lyrics Ken digiambattista Music Ken digiambattista
Producer Ken digiambattista Publisher Ken digiambattista
Performance Ken digiambattista

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