Song Length 3:05 Genre Jazz - Standards


I love, the way you, comfort me
the way, you talk so,tenderly
I'm, in love, thats plain to see
falling in love with you is ecstasy

it could, have been those, sleepy eyes
that come, to life, when I walk by
honestly, I do, believe
(it's a) mixture of magic and love it's ecstasy

it's like, the stars that fill the sky
this love, of mine, will never die
of all, the things, you give to me
nothing defines it more than ecstasy
in this world,there will never be
a higher high, than you've given me
with all, my heart, I do, believe
sharing my love with you is Ecstasy

Lyrics Ken digiambattista Music Ken digiambattista
Producer Ken digiambattista Publisher Ken digiambattista
Performance Ken digiambattista

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