Fun At the Keys

Story Behind The Song

Wanted to write a piano composition which was "fun" to play and showed how much fun it is to play the piano. Turned out to be a play on words; a person listening was thinking of the Florida Keys so we big the song with some sound effects from a beach.

Song Description

Piano composition depicting "fun" in life; specifically, how fun it is to play the piano. It can just be fun to play a piece of music very rhythmical; however, out of that flows a melody. Uplifts the spirit when we do something that is "fun".

Song Length 4:58 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits, Glad Subject Happiness
Similar Artists Jim Brickman, Yanni Era 1970 - 1979

Nice instrumental!

Nicely played. Played without quantising yes? (My best friend with my timing!)

Terrific piano performance!! Very original and a joy to listen to.

You are a really good piano player! I enjoyed listening to your creative composition. Would love to hear/see you in concert! You play with a lot of passion and feeling. This composition seems to have several segments, and each one is trying to "say something". Not being an instrumental music specialist, I can't actually define each movement, but they were all distinct.

Lyrics Instrumental Producer Kathy Myers with Tom Reock
Label KMy Music
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