Most Holy Night (edit)

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Challenge with a song writer's social network: choose a famous hook from a Christmas song and write your own song. this was the result

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Initially, the night seemed like an ordinary night. Life was rough. But there is going to be a night's rest and tomorrow we'll worry about the problems. Little did they know what would happen; God would choose them to see His son as a baby.

Song Length 3:23 Genre Pop - Religious, Country - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject God
Similar Artists Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith Language English


Title: Most Holy Night Lyrics and Music by: Kathy Myers
To the shepherds it seemed an ordinary night
On that silent night, most holy night.
Empty hearts cold hands as they tried to unwind
On that silent night most holy night.
The stress of the day put to bed with the sheep;
The banter of friends put aside;
"Tomorrow's a new day to struggle," They sighed,
On that silent night most holy night.

Waking up from their sleep or was it still a dream
On that silent night most holy night.
Shading eyes from the glare fearing what could it mean
On that most Holy Night.
The Angel said, "Don't be afraid God is near."
Light filled the sky; angels sang.
"Go find the babe." All heaven rang!
Joy to the World, Joy to the World

"We have seen the babe; and we fell to our knees!
Hearts are healed. With joy, we must share what we've seen.
We can't stop our dancing as we walk the streets!
We beheld God's Son with our eyes!
Tomorrow's a new day! Oh what a surprise!
We sing 'Joy to the world Jesus has come!
Joy to the world Jesus has come!'"
Joy to the world! Joy to the world!
Oh Holy night, oh Holy night, Most Holy night!
©2012 Kathy Myers

Lyrics Kathy Myers Music Kathy Myers
Producer Kathy Myers with Tom Reock Publisher Kmymusic
Performance Kathy Myers Label Kmymusic
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