Gravity Happens

Song Length 4:22 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


Gravity Happens
Kate Voegele

if your travels
ever take you to sea
then i'd say to you to dip in your feet
and if you battle
the wind along the way
then i'd tell you to challenge the waves

it's a world
of peculiar people
and places that look nothing like home
but it keeps turning
and turning even

cause gravity happens
and we don't know it til after we've hit the ground
and the worlds spinnin faster
with each day that passes each dashing hour
what am i to do?
ive broken my parachute
so if gravity happens
then i'll fasten wings to my shoes

i have gathered
that the moments that shaped me
were the ones that have tested my faith
and all that matters
is the courage they gave me
i fell down and my fears were erased

cause in the wreckage
of heartache and hindsight
a new beginning
starts to unfold
and if you let it
it just might save your life

i'm not
let the world get me down

i've got
so much
more to live for and i'm starting right now

Lyrics Kate Voegele Music Kate Voegele
Producer Jeff Trott Publisher Communikate Music
Performance Kate Veogele
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