Impatient Girl

Song Length 3:19 Genre Pop - General


Impatient Girl
Kate Voegele

i've been holiding on
for eternity
waiting on your love
i let you lead me on
so perfectly
well i think i've had enough
im tired of dancin around it
im not wired that way
im getting fired up thinkin about it
gotta be honest

i aint never been a patient girl baby i ain't built like this
the way you're takin your time has got me jumpin ship
and i wont lie let's call this what it is
an impatient girl waiting on an empty wish

baby i'm allowed
to want an answer now
wouldnt you say thats fair
can you help me out
cause i'm breaking down
do you even care
that i'm losing my mind every minute
don't you do me like that
dont you know youre pushing my heart to the limit
wont you listen

and I won't spend the rest of my life
hoping for a sign
you can't just leave me out to dry

Lyrics Kate Voegele Music Kate Voegele
Producer Jon Kaplan Publisher Communikate Music
Performance Kate Voegele

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