Get Back Up

Song Description

A teen pop song with an upbeat tempo and message.

Song Length 3:02 Genre Pop - Rock, Unique - Children
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Exultant Subject Life, Energy
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:

Lookin? like you?re havin? one of those days
Where the clouds won?t go away, no matter what you do
Lookin? like you got knocked down on your back
And its throwing you off track, and now you?re seein? blue


Get back up now, we?re all rootin? for ?ya
And the sun?ll be shinin? on ?ya
And it?s comin? up again

Get back up now, get into the beat
?Ya gotta be on your feet,
For you to win
And you?re gonna win

Verse 2:

I can see that smile?s back on your face
Now you?re back into the game, and there?s always time to play
Bumps and bruises only make you stronger
And now you can only wonder, where life?s takin? you today.

Repeat Chorus


Na Na Na Na-Naaaaa
Na Na Naaaaa
Na Na Na Na-Naaaaa
Na Na Na Na-Naaaaaaaa

Repeat Chorus

Lyrics Johnny Landa, Jr. Music Johnny Landa, Jr.
Producer Demo by Jason Garner, Nashville
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David Bruce Davis My Top Songs 3/14/2008

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