I prayd so hard

Story Behind The Song

a friend of mine said write this,..I prayed so hard my hands hurt, so then this song sprang from that idea

Song Description

time spent on your knees praying for your family or one single precious child that you love so much that you talk to God every day about them and to keep them with you and safe and happy

Song Length 4:09 Genre Country - Religious, Country - Religious
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Spirituality
Similar Artists George Strait Era 2000 and later


I prayed so hard my hands stuck to my face
and when i stood up my knees felt out of place
then I looked up to Heaven once again
I said please dear Lord watch over her amen

I dont know what I'd do if I would lose
the biggest gift I've ever had from you
so i pray each day until my hands are numb
clinching tight below my eager tongue

my baby girls the reason i survive
so every day I kiss and hold her tight
and thank the Lord for every breath she takes
and for every smile she puts upon my face

Lyrics John Burns/ Wayne Ferrell Music John Burns
Producer John Burns Publisher John Burns
Performance John Burns Label none
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