He looked away

Song Length 5:27 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Contemporary
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Life
Era 2000 and later


He'd watch her from a distance
Cause that's all that he could do
The life between her mom and him
Was finalized and through

He signed away the rights to her
To this new man in her life
And its been tearin at his heart for years
And he just cant make it right

Lord help the man who strays away
From his family and their love
For regret and blame, tears and shame
Is what his new life is made of

Oh curse the day he looked away
And took the Devil by the hand
With promises of happiness
He followed though his plans

Oh the memory of his little girl
It keeps runnin through his mind
And he always thought hed get her back
But it would take a little time

But its been years since that day
And its no closer than it was
Oh curse the day he looked away
And he gave away her love

Hes been hidin and the hurt and pain
Deep within his burdened heart
Thinking how could he just walk away
From that little shinning star

While on his knees the tears do fall
As he talks to God above
Oh curse the day he looked away
And he gave away her love....

Lyrics John burns Music John Burns
Producer John Burns Publisher john burns
Performance John Burns
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