Story Behind The Song

Song came out of a conversation with a woman who was getting divorced after 28 years of marraige. She commented that without her friends, she could never have made the move into her new life. The transition was painful, but the friendships helped her to literally "move on". Lots of images in this song. Stacks of boxes, trucks parked in driveways, garage sales, broken mirrors and chairs in the move, a new empty house with weeds in a driveway. . . etc.

Song Description

The song is totally image driven with the hook being that every time we move into a new life, new home, new relationship, things get broken along the way, chairs, mirrors sofa's , but with each new place where we arrive, our friendships arrive fully intact. "love arrives unbroken". The visual of a card arriving would be perfect.

Song Length 3:54 Genre Country - Contemporary, Folk - Country
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Content, Relaxed Subject Friendship, Friend
Similar Artists Alison Krauss, Martina McBride Language English
Era 2000 and later


Vocal intro.hook

47 boxes, taped and placed in piles,
Changed out the locks, 3 small trucks in the drive

Jenny worked the yard sale, Joe tuned up my car.

I might drive a million miles but I know who my friends are cuz when
6m -- 6m/5 -- 4M -- 3m
CH: Life gets shipped from here to there ya might

Crack a mirror, you might bust a chair but with

Every new front door you open
Love . . . arrives unbroken

Intro #2 (2nd half only)
4 of us took the sofa, the bed won't make the trip
some things are too heavy, for even friends to lift
Emptied out the pantry, wiped the rings left in the dust with Shots of pop in Dixie cups; here's to us

CH: When life gets shipped from here to there
You crack a mirror, you bust a chair
But with every new front door you open
Love arrives unbroken

BR: Love knows no miles It can't tell time
Love don't expire when you cross the state line

Intro #1
Intro #2 2nd ½ only

Pull into the driveway, weeds pushing through the cracks
Not ready to go forward, not willing to go back
I open up the doorway, echoes down the hall - - - - (hold 2.3.4)
Take that picture Jenny gave me, hang it on the wall

When life gets shipped from here to there

Lyrics Joe Uveges, Lise Bennet, Stephanie Pauline Music Joe Uveges
Producer Joe Uveges and Stephanie Pauline Publisher Joe Uveges Stephanie Pauline
Performance Stephanie Pauline and Joe Uveges Label Independent

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