Still Climbin

Story Behind The Song

I live in colorado and do some mountain climbing. I had the experience one morning of seeing the sun caste my shadow down the mountain, in a long thin line. I had the sense that though I could sense I was going in the right direction in life, I just wasn't sure and if felt like climbing a mountain backward. Just keep going, despite the uncertainty etc.

Song Description

Song is a anthem for the human family and each person specifically. It is about the difficulty of going through life, but feeling like you are climbing life's mountain backward, unable to see where you are going, but knowing somehow you're moving in the right direction because you can feel the sun at your back. Heavy visuals just keep going, broken, but unwilling to give up. . . .

Song Length 3:59 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Moving Subject Determination, Mountains, Hills
Similar Artists James Taylor, David Gray Language English
Era 2000 and later


Still Climbin' C. 2004 Uveges BMI

Climbin' the Mountain. Backward. Seeing only where you been.
Feel the warm sun. On your back. Ya watch your shadow growin' long and thin.

Climbin' the Mountain, Backward. With poets and profiteers.
Find a small child. On your path. Carry them for just a few short years.

Ch. You pass ancient temples. Giant armies.
And the castles we played in when we were only kids.
Soaring eagles, fields of barley. This broken taxi is still climbin'.

Climbin' the mountain. Backward. Rip the sole out of your shoes.
Ah what the hell is life good for. If you can't learn to live with what you lose.

You lose the temples. Lose the armies.
And the forests we played in when we were only kids.
Soaring eagles, fields of barley. This broken taxi is still climbin'.

Captain, come in. And give me fire on the way. Cuz I'm fine. But not tonight.
Tonight I'm burned out, but I'm still climbin up the mountain. Chorus.

Lyrics Joe Uveges Music Joe Uveges
Producer Joe Uveges Chris Rosser Publisher Uvegessongs Ltd.
Performance Joe Uveges Label Independent

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