Start With I Love You

Story Behind The Song

Song came from a conversation my wife had with her friend Traci who said that her husband, while deployed to AFghanistan, was only allowed one phone call a week, for 15 minutes. The first couple times they talked, the line went dead early in the conversation. They decided that from then on, just in case, they would begin each conversation with the important stuff. The most important thing is "saying I love you." to eachother. This song is their conversation, and ends with the line going dead again, but the soldier knows he has said what he needed to. Very powerful song.

Song Description

A Soldier is speaking to his wife, noting that the last time they talked their phone call was lost. Before they get to talk of any of the details of life, he says can we start by telling eachother "I Love You", because that is the most important thing he needs to hear and to say. She replies of course, and then tells him of life back home, ending with her agreement that from then on, every conversation will begin with "I love You".

Song Length 3:31 Genre Country - General, Unique - Patriotic
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Engaging Subject Long, Patriotic
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw, Toby Keith Language English
Era 2000 and later


l finally got to make the call, at 2 AM She smiles hello on the other end. She's
Half a world away Her voice is clear. she calls out "Kids' It's Dad" , I'm holding back the tears
I said "Babe, last time we talked I know we got cut off. . . . So before we say another word
(CH.) Let's start with I love you , it's what I really want to say.

There's so much that we need to share. So much that just can't wait,
(walk up)
But if we get disconnected, or something else goes wrong my dear
Le'ts Start with "I Love You". It's what I really need to hear.

She says' God yeah, you know I love ya too. In this mixed up life, there's only you"
The last time you deployed, thought my heart would break.
but I want you to know, babe we're doin' ok.
The boys're popping wheelies, and Katie cut a tooth.
Next time you call, I'll know just what to do. We'll Start

Start with I love you, It's what I really want to say. There's so much that we need to share.
Yeah, and sometimes I'm afraid
But if we get disconnected, Or if something else goes wrong, my dear. Let's
Start with I Loe you, I's what I really need to hear. . .C, D,(D#1/2dim), E, D, C G/B
Start with I Love you, It's what we really need to hear.

I lose the call, it's just after 2. The morning here is quiet, I whisper, "I love You".

Lyrics Joseph Uveges Kristen Uveges Music Joseph Uveges
Producer Stephanie Pauline and Joe Uveges Publisher Joseph Uveges
Performance Joseph Uveges and Stephanie Pauline Label Indy

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