Are You Listening Uncle Sam?

Story Behind The Song

family members are out of work... barely scraping by... having to be helped by parents just to get by. Unable to buy a house, put food on the table for the family, in debt and having to live on credit cards. Found many, many people in the same boat, so to speak, all across the nation and around the world... the problem is, that the elected people in the government are NOT listening to what people are telling them they need.

Song Description

frustration of being out of work. Asking Uncle Sam [all of America]... 'Are YOU listening'.... do you hear our plight? Do you even care? Stop what you are doing and take a moment and LISTEN to what we are telling you... Unshackle the regulations that are not enabling the businesses to hire. WE NEED JOBS !

Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Troubled Subject General, Other
Language English Era 2000 and later


Well, we're sending you this e-mail,
You don't seem to understand,
Folks are out here hurtin',
In what once was the promised land.

We elected you to help us,
When we stood and cast our vote,
Seems we were mistaken,
Hope you're taking note.

We need jobs to feed our family,
We need jobs to pay our bills,
We need jobs to fix this country,
To repair all of it's ills.
Are you listening?
Are you listening?
Are you listening.... Uncle Sam?
Sincerely, every child, woman, and man.

We're discouraged, tired, and beaten down,
So frustrated, just plain mad,
We lost our homes, our hope, our spirit,
And dreams that we once had.

It's your empty words and speeches,
Stop playin' it right or left,
No one will hire in this political mire,
To our voices you've gone deaf.

Stop and listen to what we say,
Walk in our shoes for just one day,
Unshackle businesses so they know where they stand,
Are you listening?

I really like the song, there's a lot of truth in the lyrics and I really like the drums and vocals. This song also brings forth the way that ninety percent of Americans feel as well.

nicely produced/mixed. catchy tune about government not doing enough to help those that need it.

With a top notch professional delivery like this, how could Uncle Sam NOT listen?!?

Classic artists like James Taylor and Jackson Brown come to mind hearing Jim Covington's "Are You Listening Uncle Sam" The single is a politically charged anthem calling for our government to work on providing Jobs for all Americans.

Nice vocal and arrangement.

Lyrics Jim Covington & Martie Echito Music Jim Covington & Martie Echito
Producer Covington & Echito Publisher Martie Echito - Joy and Sorrow Music
Performance Martie Echito and Dale Jean Covington Label rstcrecords - copyright 2010/2012
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Are You Listening Uncle Sam?

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