I Cried, Please Let Me Try !

Story Behind The Song

Long family heritage going back to 1066 in England.... but this tells a story about the branch of the family in Virginia.....

Song Description

the song is sung from the view point of the person who discovers a long lost diary, and then reads the experiences of the writer of the diary.... the personal accounts of reactions to the horror of war that surrounds the writer.... and how the writer reacted to that horror...

Song Length 4:26 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant Subject Life, General
Similar Artists it's a toss up.... your guess??? Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


"I Cried"
words and music by Jim Covington (ASCAP)

Cleanin' out the family homestead,
On the ol' Virginia farm,
Discovered a roll top dusty desk,
Tucked 'way back in the barn.

There inside the center drawer,
layin' open for all to see,
was the diary of Great, Great Grand Daddy,
dated 1863

The crimson ink was faded,
but his penmanship was bold,
the measure of Great, Great Grand Daddy,
bent and yellowed pages told.

Images of Great, Great Grand Daddy,
standin' there.... chest out proud,
filled my head....as I read,
his story of war.... out loud.

Fifteen, red hair and freckles,
out to conquer the world,
nobody ever said..."you should, child"

I head the moan of the cannon,
saw the flash of a thousand flints,
still nobody ever said, "they're yours, child"

And I cried.... Please let
And I cried.... Please let
And I cried.... Please let me try.

I lied, and said I was twenty,
they laughed, but gave me a nod,
handed out the musket and powder,
I stood and smiled.

Then came the dove in the morning,
soft coo was split by the roar,
through all the dust and smoke,
lay bodies piled.

And I cried.... Don't let
And I cried.... Don't let
And I cried.... Don't let me die.

Then, once I felt that lead ball,
drivin' deep into my chest,
I heard somebody say,
That's yours child.

Now I'm, fifteen and fifty,
grown gray with thoughts of my past
pictures of my life flash,
to the little boy growin' wild...

When I cried..... Don't let
When I cried..... Don't let
When I cried..... Don't let me die !

Love the banjo ! Cool song, has a vintage vibe to it.

nice tune.....good production balance.

Lyrics Jim Covington- ASCAP Music Jim Covington- ASCAP
Producer rstcrecords Publisher rstcrecords- ASCAP
Performance Jim Covington Label rstcrecords - ASCAP

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