Flowers & Bones

Song Length 3:25 Genre Folk - Contemporary


Now that I've found you I won't let you go,
That's the way the old love song goes but,
Even though I've found you, doesn't make you mine to keep,
Cos when there's a finder there's a looser left to weep.
What if you are the looser if I keep you here.
Maybe it's I realised my fear.

Flowers and bones, leave them with the stones.
Flowers and bones, how could I have known.
Flowers and bones, wish I'd left them well alone.

Nobody told me love surrenders my control.
Noboday said it would fuck with my head.
Nobody told me I would need to tone it down,
I'm learning you see I don't want to see you frown.

I am loose on this road and I can't decide if I'm young or I'm old.
Oh won't you take me aside and look into my eyes, there you'll se my dream, and maybe you too could believe.

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