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over 30 days ago to Jenny Bishop


Hello, I'm Nathaniel, one of the many producers on Broadjam that scouts talent to work with.

I found your work by searching a few key words in lyrical content. I do that every so often... Just pass right by those top tens and go to the source.

I was really impressed by your natural and intimate presence in your work. I can see that you're based out of the United Kingdom. Do you have access to gear or your masters?

I ask, because I'd be interested in waving some fees for an opportunity to simply work with you. Just some engineering to start. See what we can't do there... and if things feel right, who knows?

I can just hear your raw talent... and think to myself "Gosh... what a home grown and robust performance to lose yourself in."

I'm curious what could be accomplished under the right circumstances. Perhaps I could aid you?

I hope this comment finds you well. If you've since moved on from music, I get it, it's a tough business.

But if you haven't... Well. I'd be lucky to have you.


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