Amazing Thing

Story Behind The Song

Capturing the feeling of finding love- a love so real it heals, "Amazing Thing" reminds us all to never lose hope. jellybean and matto worked countless hours over several months to create this #1 song, which hit #1 in the world three times in three different years on the global Top 10 Earth chart!

Song Description

A girl who has been hurt in the past is slowly healing and, although cautious, is excited for the hope that new love is giving her. She realizes how amazing love is from the healing and restoration it brings her!

Song Length 4:21 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Falling in Love, Searching for Love Similar Artists Martina McBride, The Band Perry
Language English Era 2000 and later


"Amazing Thing"

Verse 1: I'm not one to open up
Right out of the gate
There's a reason why I need
You to patiently wait
I retreat to solitude
When approached by someone new

Prechorus:I'm hurting from a cold, dark past
But praying for a rescue

Chorus: If you're sure to take it slow
Then maybe I can learn to let love grow
Like sunshine rising in the sky
You bring warmth of summertime
You words are like a breeze
A soothing song that washes over me
I begin to believe as I hear you whispering
That love is an amazing thing

Verse 2: You try to make me smile
To melt away my fear
You're cracking through the ice
Of so many years
Your touch is light and true
Keep doing what you do

Prechorus:I'm healing from a frigid past
And welcoming your rescue

Chorus: [Repeat]

Bridge: The way you move / It gives my soul hope
The way you speak / So that my heart will always know
And when you hold me, I can see
You inside my every dream
Love, keep pursuing me

Chorus: [Repeat]

©2011 by Shaun Junggren/Matt 'matto' Orewiler

this voice is amazing, you are a star, don't wait on anyone,

I like the intro.. Good vocal.. great tone ..

Great vocal performance, pretty melody with good contrast between the verse & chorus. Good lyrical use of rhyme. This is an unusual but interesting contemporary country song.

Lyrics jellybean and matto Music jellybean
Producer jellybean Publisher Cross-Eyed Music, BMI/Wordhouse4 Music, ASCAP
Performance Lindsey Lee

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