Turning Right

Story Behind The Song

One day while taking the exit where he lives, matto remembered the former simplicity before time brought growth and change. There was that 'stop sign near the railroad tracks' where he used to turn right. Now there are two stop lights with a lot more traffic. Thinking about the nostalgia and the way things used to be got him wondering about emotions of creating a song reflecting on a past relationship, hoping it would make an interesting breakup song. Jellybean worked his melody magic on this song, capturing well the melancholy mood of a sad Country song. Thanks, also, to all the talented folks that helped us out in the studio.

Song Description

Trying to capture the emotions felt when a good relationship ends, we wrote this song to grasp the desire to move on coupled with the longing of returning to the love once felt so well before. Both the guy and the girl wonder if there's anything left to return to, but the guy knows he has to move on-at least for now. He decides he's 'turning right' tonight.

Song Length 4:35 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Lost Love, Loneliness
Similar Artists Rascal Flatts, Tim Mcgraw Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Turning Right"

Driving without thinking the other day
Old familiar habits pulled me down the usual way
And from the street side view your house looked small but cute
And it reminded me of you...so much of you

I can see us laughing over lemonade
Floating on the porch swing in the warmth of August shade
I helped you plant those roses, that summer we were close as
We could ever hope to be...Now all I see is you

Pausing at the stop sign near the railroad tracks
Remembering the good times and all the love we had
I used to turn left every single time and head to your place almost every night
But tonight... yeah, tonight- tonight I'm turning right

Wondering if it hurts you when you think of me
Does the chill of quiet sheets rob you of your sleep
Are you lonely in your room staring through tears at the moon
Would it help to dream of me...Cause all I dream is you

Chorus: Repeat

Do you feel the tide of us still pulling on your heart
Begging you to find a way to move on from the dark
But sometimes history shows
This is how love goes
Memories make it hard to know

Chorus: Repeat

©2014 by jellybean and matto

Lyrics jellybean and matto Music jellybean
Producer jellybean Performance Ronnie Kimball/Donna Ulisse
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