My Bovine Valentine

Story Behind The Song

Love is all around, in many shapes and forms. No bull intended.

Song Description

A pastoral love story sang in two different languages

Song Length 3:29 Genre Unique - Comedy, Unique - Comedy
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Cows, Madly In Love Language English


Won't you be my bovine Valentine
We could graze together on the meadow
'neath the bright sunshine
and I'll be waiting for you
when it's milking time
So won't you be
my Bovine Valentine

I'm the only bull 'round here
it's what they feed me for
But with all those other cows
it's just a job and nothing more
Every night I go to sleep and dream
you'll wake up in heat
and be
My Bovine Valentine

So won't you be my bovine Valentine
Locking lips swapping cuds
you'd be my main Holstein
and I'll be waiting for you
when it's milking time
So won't you be
my Bovine Valentine

See that heifer cross the yard
He's growing mighty strong
Yeah he's got your spots
and he's got my horns
Soon he'll want to take my place
and I'll end up as steaks

Of course this is a true story I'm telling
but it's a translation and I might have gotten a couple of the words wrong
Maybe I'll try and sing it for you
in the original vernacular
Let me think a second,
I think it goes something like this

Mooo moo moo mooo
mooo moo moo moo moo ....

Very very funny song! I love your humor! Be my main Holstein was my favorite lyric. "I'll end up as steaks" - great. The moo section is very fun. The background vocals are great. I would love to hear more of your work. Very original and comical.

I like how you play the guitar. I did like the voice. The lyrics was decent.

A song in 'volapyk'. I did my very best to catch a word in English - French - German - Danish - it is not in a language I know. Or maybe I have suddenly become hard of hearing,,,,, but then a speaking voice is heard to mention the word, Translation. And that was when I laughed out loud. Apparently all the 'volapyk' at the beginning simply means 'Moooh, mooh, etc.

very original song in which the style reminds me of the trucker type songs i used to enjoy as a kid ie teddy bear and convoy enjoyable to listen to good job

Lyrics Jeff Rauschl Music Jeff Rauschl
Producer Jeff Rauschl Performance Jeff Rauschl
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