From Jesus To Geronimo

Song Length 3:00 Genre Folk - Country, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Outraged, Outraged Subject Justice, Judgement
Language English


Jeff Ashbaker

From Jesus To Geronimo ©

Well, they raped my mother, and they killed my dad
And they took away the wife and the child I had
They left me to die in this foreign land
And nobody understands

Ah... Can you feel my power
Ah...Can you make a stand
Rise...Young warriors
Leave your hatred in the sand

Well they nailed my body to a cross that read
Rest in peace, carved above my head
They left me to die on that cross of wood
And nobody understood

Ah...Can you feel my power
Ah...Can feel the sin
Rise...Young warriors
Find the sacred one within

Now right is right and wrong is wrong
And the world is full of both weak and strong
Will you be left in a world untold
Or will you ever know

Ah...Can you feel their power
Ah...Can you feel their pain
Rise...Young warriors
Use your power, break the chain
Use your power, ease the pain

Here's a song railing against persecution and injustice. It's just specific enough to help you understand the problem and just vague enough that it can be applied to several different scenarios/cultures/environments. I thought of the massacres of Indians, persecution of Christians in the middle east. The message is strong, powerful and positive. The chain of hatred must be broken. Rise Young are they called to fight against this injustice is the question that remains after the song. Will they fight with weapons or with love, overcoming evil with good? The guitars are great and the fiddler is awesome. Vocals are clear and effective in communicating the passion of the message of the song.

Good sound.... nice mix.......I feel it...

good signing, good instrumentation , performances, not a bad recording

You had me from the start..Your voice has such a great timber I had to listen at least 4 times I really, really liked it . the lyrics were so today ....I like your voice, your back up vocals were spot it....You made me stop and listen...

Oh, dear, I am sure there must be many, many music lovers who really like this song, but I am not one of them. The voice is pleasant, the music is more than competent and everything is smooth and professional. I wish I could have more and nicer positive remarks.

I like the instrumentation it has a very full, clean sound. The lyrics are strong and the vocals sound good. It has a very nice rhythmic groove to it. very nice work.

Great mix, love the driving feel of the song, and the fiddle is outstanding. The harmonies are very tight and add a lot to the chorus. The chorus wasn't terrible catchy to me, but solid, especially with the rest of the song where it really fits.

Lyrics Jeff Ashbaker Music Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Jeff Ashbaker
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